Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thoughts on the end of round one of Domosocial

Things have been super busy here at Domo, and I haven't had time to write. Since I am now Domosocial certified, I wanted to write about some of the things that I learned and how they apply to Business Intelligence. The initiative was announced two months ago, and has impacted our company in a pretty major way. Yet in the end, my personal use of social media hasn't changed much outside of the activities that I undertook in order to complete the requirements.

I had been completely in the dark about Twitter up until a few months ago, but I can't really attribute my newfound awareness of that platform to this initiative because that happened beforehand. I love Twitter as a news source, although I admit that I am a bit of a lurker and still haven't found a good way to leverage it as a tool for interacting with the world. I see others around me that have established a great Twitter presence and I hope to find the time in the future to work on that for myself.

Most of the technologies I will never use again unless I need to for my job. Still, using them for a time was a great experience because now I can understand others when they discuss these technologies. As a Business Intelligence consultant, I need to be familiar with a wide variety of technologies in order to be able to help my customers deal with data from any system that they may use in their business.

Moving forward I will definitely be more inclined to try out new technologies in the effort to better understand how they work and what the have to offer. Working for Domo has been awesome so far and we look forward to moving forward from the Domosocial experiment and continuing to take on the challenge of making BI easier more effective.

Read more about Domosocial here.

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